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Buying or renting a property can be overwhelming. It’s stressful to handle all of the paperwork and contract negotiations on your own. You can trust Mark H. Zietlow & Associates when you need an experienced real estate lawyer in Holland, MI. We also help homeowners and renters navigate the complicated world of zoning, titles and water rights.

You don’t want to make costly mistakes with such an important investment. Contact an experienced real estate lawyer in Holland, MI today.

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Mark H. Zietlow & Associates helps with all aspects of real estate law. Contact us today if you need a real estate lawyer to advise you on:



Restrictive covenants



Water rights


Environmental considerations

Title reviews

Due diligence


We know that there’s a lot involved in buying, selling or owning real estate. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them make smart decisions about their real estate investments.